Half Day

(5 hours or less)


10 half day passes: $230 ($23/day)

25 half day passes: $500 ($20/day)

Full Day

(5-12 hours)


10 full day passes: $330 ($33/day)

25 full day passes: $750 ($30/day)

Green group

This group is for the dogs that like to keep to themselves but still want to socialize by observing, sniffing, and napping near each other!

This play room is in the front of the building so it is more quiet and relaxed for those nervous pups!

blue group

This group is our calm social group. These dogs may play occasionally but mainly want to hang out and lounge throughout the day!

yellow group

This room is used for dogs that may need individual play time alone or with their family members. Some dogs- just like people- are introverts and prefer not to be around other dogs.

This room allows us play time for the dogs that would not be good in a social group.

orange group

This room is used for our active high energy dogs! The dogs that can’t stop won’t stop and love to run around and wrestle each other!